Posted by: forgingahead | September 6, 2008

Weddings, Horses, Endurance Swimming, Oh My


My good friend Erin is marrying a great guy, David, today! So we’re off to Muir Beach to participate in what will be a beautiful ceremony on the sands surrounded by friends and family who love them to pieces.


Yesterday I had the chance to ride with Anke the super dressage trainer. She’s back from her Olympic duties in Hong Kong and is helping me and Now Voyager get back on track.

We did A LOT of trotting over poles on the ground. These basically trick Now Voyager into picking up his hooves and carrying himself more. So then I can feel when his hooves are coming off the ground and start to understand when to push him forward with my leg.

And a big thank you to my friend Paula who is also riding Now Voyager a few days a week. He’s a different horse (much improved) each time she rides him so I gotta get the inside scoop on what magic she’s working.

Endurance Swimming

My world of triathlete bloggers is all coalescing into one big happy family. I love that! Turns out Sarah’s Triathlon Adventure knows my amazing open water swim coach Morgan Filler – they used to swim together in Berkeley. And then Sarah pointed me to Looking for A Better Hobby, also known as Tawny, the amazing woman who just swam 21 miles from Catalina to San Pedro…with Morgan in a kayak by her side! Isn’t that the coolest circle ever? Go Tawny!!!

Oh My

Carb Confession wise – let’s see. Yesterday I was good until dinner when I chowed down on a few snacks made of some kind of dough. I think they’re called empanadas. Whatever, they were YUMMY! But I did stay away from crackers, chips and bread in its raw form. Which is good!

Ok, I gotta go buy a slip for this little number I’m wearing tonight at the wedding. Gee, I didn’t use to be so last minute. Guess I just have too many fun things to do these days to ever willingly walk into a mall!

happy Saturday,



  1. Funny thing – you probably don’t have a lot of clothes that still fit you! You may have to make a few trips to the mall.

    Remember, I warned you – while training for the triathlon you were burning tons of calories. Now that it’s not so intense it’s difficult to back off. The good news is you are cognizant of what’s going on.

    Here’s one option – pull out your Wimp dog calorie and exercise log (you’ll have to explain that in your blog)- and start writing it down again. You’ll be back in control in no time!

    Have a great time at the wedding!

  2. Sounds like it’s hard to be a person with such diverse interests! if only you were boring, then you’d already have a slip 🙂

    On the carb-front – I just ate a Twinkie. I don’t even really like Twinkies. Grr.

  3. I LOVE what a small world it is. Isn’t that great??

    As for the food stuff…ugh. During last year’s tri season I was able to take off about 7-8 lbs – WOW. I seriously ran faster than EVER. But I was hungry ALL THE TIME. Seriously. So then winter came and I put it all back (and much happier) and I was like ‘oh whatever, I’ll just take it off again next year.’

    But then ‘next year’ came and it didn’t seem to be quite so easy this year. Sigh. So I’m bargaining and going for 3 lbs, 1lb at a time. And if I can keep that all winter, then yay for me.

    Anyway, I’m just saying…you’re not the only one with those carb struggles. 🙂

  4. Wow! I just followed all the clues to your site!
    This is a small world.
    And Morgan is a central badass!
    Thanks so much for the encouragement and well wishes.
    I had this aversion to bloggin about the whole thing for the first month – it seems so overwhelming to try and put it into words – and my feeling are shifting all the time – but I think I’m back at it. I just need to figure out what to rename the blog…

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