Posted by: forgingahead | January 13, 2017

Baby Steps 

My 2017 promise to myself was to find a workout that (a) fits in with my chaotic work schedule and (b) allows me to go hard without further damaging my tibia stress fracture and (c) includes a group of nice and supportive people who would come to expect my presence. I know I show up and am encouraged and motivated when there’s some sort of team dynamic.

I’m thrilled that I found the perfect fit in the YMCA Masters Swim program. Today was day 5 in the pool and I’m loving everything about it.

Coach Mohammad is encouraging and has a great sense of humor as he fixes all the little bad habits I’ve developed like holding my breath. Today he taught me the basics of the butterfly!

My teammates are welcoming and say hello and goodbye. It’s the little things that make me smile.

An unexpected bonus of swimming in the morning is a very quiet commute downtown. Then I only have to walk 3 blocks to the office after my swim.

And best of all my body seems to be accepting the work. While all those little aches and pains we earn through years of living are making themselves known I am so far able to swim through them. I have confidence that strength will win out.

Plus I get to witness from the locker room window the beautiful beginning of days like this…

Happy new year indeed!



  1. Wondeful! What a great way to start the day and the year!

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