Posted by: forgingahead | March 20, 2016

Another Year

I just looked back and it was nearly a year ago when I last posted. Oh my.

I am still working around the stress fracture in my tibia. Saw a specialist last October who said these injuries do take a long time to heal and to just be careful. So I’m back to cycling, swimming, horseback riding and yoga. I seem to be able to do all of that with no pain so that’s good!

Bert, the horse and the cat are happy and healthy. Last week Bert and I went to Big Sur for couple days – a long overdue vacation. It was glorious.

Work is good. We continue to keep running at a pace that seems untenable. I definitely need my rest on the weekends these days.

My commitment to myself this year is to get back into serious cycling shape. Let’s see what happens.



  1. Time for another Paradise Loop!

  2. Sorry to hear about the Tibia! Cycling seems a good alternative.

    I’m off to a yoga retreat. Let’s catch up soon!

    • happy belated birthday Allison! A yoga retreat sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate.

  3. Training for my MS150 cycling event was going quite well, until I wrecked in a boneheaded move this AM (failure-to-unclip) – the worst injury was to my pride, of course, but since I fell on concrete I’m moderately scraped up & bruised… Idiocy!
    5 wks to get myself straightened out…

    • So sorry to hear about your spill 😦 hope you are ok. Good luck with the MS150! Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work.

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