Posted by: forgingahead | September 8, 2008

A Magical Wedding

My head is fuzzy. And no, I didn’t drink a lot at the wedding. Seriously, always assuming the worst…tut tut tut.

There’s just something about Monday mornings that have been feeling a little insurmountable to me lately. Maybe it’s the beginning of a hint of a change of season. Are you feeling it? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Speaking of the wedding, it was perfect. How could it be anything else? The crowds that had swarmed to a usually quiet beach threatened to muck things up. No space for an impromptu gathering of 120 people. A parking lot so full the local park ranger took to turning cars away.

But as the 5 o’clock hour neared, the crowds thinned and the parking lot emptied and all was well with the world again. A dozen of us walked ahead to the beach with 10 foot long bamboo poles garnished with flowing satin ribbons of cream and sage.

We were followed by an entourage of well dressed men and women spilling onto the beach…it was a Fellini film snapshot. We formed a half circle around David with the bamboo poles creating a little zone of love and serenity around us. Then Erin reached the beach with her parents.

They walked with her part of the way and then joined us. Erin’s walk alone to David was magical. I swear she floated. Red hair gently blowing in the breeze, silk dress swishing lightly above the sand. And her face simply glowing.

Erin stopped after a few steps and wiped her eyes. She just stood there for a little while until her friend Laura, in a bright red dress, ran to her and tucked a tissue in her hand. It was like watching a silent film in brilliant color. And time slowed. Until she she started walking again and reached David, and then time resumed its normal path.

Here’s a cool thing…the beach-goers were quiet throughout the ceremony. And there were still hundreds of folks out there enjoying a rare sunny and warm afternoon. By some unspoken agreement they all quieted down. And many of them turned their beach chairs towards us to listen in. Smiling faces all around. Very good mojo on beach!

I simply cannot do justice to the ceremony. Yes I cried. Erin and David love each other to bits and those of us on the beach that day got a peek into their world. They’re perfectly matched and are just old enough that they’re coming together as fully formed adults who want to make room in their rich lives for each other. That’s a beautiful thing.

So while this Monday is packed with things that I don’t really want to do (well, except for the swim I’m hoping to fit in) the happy zen feeling from the wedding will help carry me through.

congrats to Erin & David,



  1. Your beautiful description of this wonderful expression of love brought tears to my eyes. It sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. such a nice image! i love it.

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