Posted by: forgingahead | February 20, 2015

Still Healing

Seven weeks into wearing a walking boot for my fractured shin bone I am not yet healed. So four more weeks have been dictated.

The good news is they say I can swim. And they changed their minds about having to use crutches – thank goodness because the 3 days I used them were hard.

My days with Now Voyager are mostly grooming him to a shine and standing in the middle of the arena while he trots in circles around me. He’s being so good listening to my voice commands!

A couple weeks ago Mom and Tony invited me and Bert to join them in Carmel for a long weekend. It was beautiful and a little rainy and Bert kept a beautiful fire going to brighten up the room.

So 2015 is limping along but life is good so I’m mostly being Zen about it all 🙂






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