About Kathleen

I’m married to Bert V. Jensen, a wonderful man and amazing photographer (he took the stunning header photo of SF on my blog).


We live in a lovely Victorian in San Francisco with Zinger the super cat who rules over our lush garden.


I spend every free moment riding my OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) Now Voyager. Together we are learning dressage from Anke Herbert, a gifted trainer and friend.


2008 was a transformational year for me. I trained for and completed my very first triathlon. I would not have either attempted or completed the 1 mile swim in the ocean, 34 miles of cycling through the Santa Barbara hills and 10 miles of running without my friend Allison.


A lot of this blog is about the things I did to prepare for my first competitive event in 20+ years. Things I couldn’t have imagined doing. Like swimming in the ocean.

Now that I’ve completed one half Ironman, one two four Olympic length triathlons, one two four five six sprint tris, one half marathon, a cycling century and one XC race I’m hooked on trying new things and pushing my body.

Bert and I spent the first half of 2009 training for the Livestrong Century bike ride as members of Team Fat Cyclist Fighting for Susan. We’re thrilled to report that we completed all 100 miles (a first for both of us) and the team overall raised $600,000+ to fight cancer! My ride report and photos and the story of Susan are all in – or linked to – this post.

2010 was my first real triathlon racing season. I signed up for a handful of races culminating in a half Ironman to celebrate my birthday in July. I now own a wetsuit. That makes a real triathlete. Right? UPDATE: I completed my half IM Barb’s Race on July 31, 2010. It was awesome! Hard, but fun.

In 2011 work travel increased and triathlon training time decreased. In the spirit of trying something new that scares me each year I entered the Escape from Alcatraz lottery and got in. The challenge with this race was the open water swim. I prepared by training with Pedro and Water World Swim group. I became a stronger, faster, smarter open water swimmer and made many new friends. A win-win.

Oh, and I did well in the race too!

2012 I managed only one sprint distance triathlon and sadly 2013 is looking like a triathlon-free year. We shall see what 2014 holds.

I’m always working to do everything a little better. That’s what I love about dressage – it’s an ongoing journey and I learn something every time I get on the horse.

This is my journey…

Love to hear from you…email me at jumpmarketing [at] gmail [dot] com



  1. I am training for my first triathlon too at age 48! I am very nervous, especially the open water swim with so many people.It has been fun reading your blog which I found through the athleta website. I wish you much success and send along any tips you hear about!

    Susan P

  2. Hi Susan!

    Congrats on your upcoming triathlon! My goals for this first race is to (1) finish and (2) not get injured. So I’m planning on sticking at that the back of the swim pack. I’ll ask Morgan what her suggestions are report back…

    You go girl! KB

  3. So I figured it out with Tony’s help! This is very cool, I get first-hand knowledge of your experience. Sounds so lovely down there, you are fortunate to be able to have the experience as well as Allison’s friendship. What was her response when she saw your skinny self?

  4. Hi, I think your blog is terrific — I would like to feature you on Wellsphere. Would you drop me an email?

    Cheers, Geoff

  5. You should be so so proud of yourself for losing 40 pounds and competing in your first triathlon! HUGE accomplishment that you should always be proud of. Have fun!

  6. Kathleen, sorry I am so late responding to your comments you made on my blog about my Tour de Cure century, I just found it! I guess by now you have done yours, I hope it went well. I have found HEED to be a good product, I like most of the Hammer stuff. Personally, I use the Sustained Energy (about 1/2 strength) in my bottles and keep a soft flask of gel (1/2 vanilla, 1/2 apple-cinnamon) in my jersey. Also, the Endurolytes capsules are great for maintaining electrolytes and preventing cramping. I just think it’s too important not to hydrate and fuel well. I am not the first across the line (not my goal) but most days I make it across the line. Again, sorry for taking so long to respond.

  7. What an inspiratioin! I guess I have to get it in gear! I love your husband’s photograph of SF and your blog is a lot of fun!

  8. Need advice or help – I am trying to get a group of ladies from the Cleveland area to train and travel to a Triathlon in the Fall. Suggestions?

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