Posted by: forgingahead | July 28, 2008

Unusual Use of Diapers

For all you mommy-bloggers out there, I have some news for you. Diapers make a great bandage for horses. Who knew?

You doubt me? Well, for once I have photographic evidence!

This is a fine example of Longs brand diapers. Infant sized, for those in class wanting details. Note the cheerful pastel design eliciting thoughts of dry baby butts.

Or in this case, we’re keeping epsom salt green goo from leaking out…not the usual diaper inhabitants.

Now you might think a horse wouldn’t mind a diaper on his foot. You’d be wrong. This horse, the fabulous Now Voyager, was quite frankly sick and tired of me messing about with his hoof after 7 weeks of lameness. Soaking in hot water with epsom salts. Wrapping the hoof, taping the hoof, putting the hoof in a boot that he would then promptly try to eat.

So I needed assistance and fortunately my friend Angelo was at hand. Little did he know when he journeyed from a tiny town in Belgium to the big U.S. of A. that he’d be roped into putting diapers on horses hooves.

Look how happy they are…tolerating my photo taking. What pals!

Now didn’t that just make your Monday a little bit better? I know it did for me.

Happy Riding,



  1. Hm. I never thought of the size of a horse’s hoof as similar to the size of a newborn butt! I bet that trivia may come in handy someday… maybe I can figure out how to put that in my Butt Series!


  2. Oh – can I use that diaper-hoof picture? I’ll credit you – I promise? My mind is spinning with butt-series potential – all in good taste – of course – in respect of Now Voyager and baby butts everywhere 🙂

  3. Hey Jenny, you are totally free to use that photo – I’ll email you the original file (when I’m back on THAT computer – ah the joys of multiple laptops!)

    Always glad to provide inspiration to my friends…no matter what form it takes!

  4. […] kind of hoping this is an abscess. He had one last summer and while the treatment includes unusual use of baby diapers and a lot of time consuming soaking of the sore hoof in a pail of epsom salt-laced water at least […]

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