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Happy Horse


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December 2014

Two months have passed since my last post. Dreamforce was a smashing success.

And the four weeks following Dreamforce were taken up getting ready for another big event in New York.

And then we had Thanksgiving, which was lovely.

And this week I head out to Minneapolis. Last trip of the year.

Everyone is happy and healthy, including the animals. Wishing all a happy holiday season!

Assorted random photos from the last few weeks.

Sunset over Twin Peaks taken from my back deck:

Weird fog at Crissy Field on a warm November morning:

My mom’s adorable dog on Thanksgiving:


A morning walk along the beach cliff in Moss Beach with my honey:


A cool building on a cold morning walk in SOHO NY


Zinger ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving:


View of Central Park from the 25th floor of my NY hotel (not my room)


Pretty clouds


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Nearly there

Dreamforce begins in 4 days. Everyone is heads down managing a million final details.

At this point the days and nights are a blur. My body aches from too much computer time. I miss Bert, NV and Zinger. And daylight and fresh air.

But it’s just a few more days and the result will be spectacular!

Here’s the only new photo I have to share. On my run last weekend the tide was high so the seals were all camped out on a sliver of beach. A few of them looked up at me 🙂


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Random Musings

Dreamforce is 2+ weeks away. I am my usual blend of busy stressed out excited.

Quick update on life.

The best news of all is Dante is sound! We have had a couple of really good rides lately – super fun for both him and me.

I have also been able to get together with my mom a couple times to celebrate her birthday month. Always fun to hang out with mom.

And lastly, Salesforce sponsored a bunch of runners in the J.P. Morgan corporate challenge race last week. It was a perfect night for running and we all had a blast!

Back to work…




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I’ve been home for a couple months and have been enjoying the routine.

I bike to work 2-3 times a week. It’s only 4 miles each way but with all the stoplights it’s a sprint / interval workout. Now that I’m used to the buses and trains and cars I really enjoy the trip.

I’ve been swimming in the Bay every week or so. And that had resulted in getting my body back into the pool too. Because it is no fun getting fatigued when you are in open water and the only way to shore is to swim.

I’m only getting in one run a week and that one workout has been reduced to a slow 2 miles. Something going on with my left hip, knee and shin.

Now Voyager is doing ok. He kind of moves the same way I run. Slow, a little awkward. Some days are better than others.

Zinger is a happy cat. Sleeping and eating and the occasional snuggle.

I am going to add yoga to my routine and see if that helps with the soreness.

The other benefit to being around is spending time with friends and family. It’s been such a treat to catch up with people in person. FB and email is all well and good for keeping lightly connected but nothing beats looking into the eyes of another and really listening to their stories.

A few pics from the summer…















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Celebrating the Beautiful Life of Clara Hewes

I had the honor of creating a slideshow to celebrate my grandmother’s life at her memorial. Clara Hewes was blessed with true love, wonderful family and a long full life. I hope you enjoy these photo collages that represent just a few of the many happy moments in her life filled with love.

Helpful tip: click on the photo and it will enlarge. Click the “back” button to come back to the main page.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.02.39 PM

Clara’s childhood.

Teenage years.

Teenage years.

A beautiful young woman.

A beautiful young woman.

Through the years.

Through the years.

Grandma and Grandpa - young love.

Grandma and Grandpa – young love.

Sis and Joe.

Sis and Joe.

The Hewes Clan

The Roche Clan

The girls.

The girls.

World travelers.

World travelers.

Sis and her band of brothers.

Sis and her band of brothers.

Family happiness.

Family happiness.

Family family and more family.

Family family and more family.

Children, grandchildren, happy group pics.

Children, grandchildren, happy times.

Clara and her beautiful girls Patsy, Martha and Pam.

Clara and her beautiful girls Patsy, Martha and Pam.

Wise words from Grandpa.

Wise words from Grandpa.

Clara and Patricia.

Clara and Patricia.

The Grandkids: Kathleen, Kevin, Christine and Amy.

The Grandkids: Kathleen, Kevin, Christine and Amy.

Clara, Kathleen and Kevin.

Clara, Kathleen and Kevin.

Clara, Christine and Amy.

Clara, Christine and Amy.

Dan, Bert, Ann and more.

Dan, Bert, Ann and more.

Clara and her great-grandson Jacob.

Clara and her great-grandson Jacob.

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July Up and Went

I have been off the road and home for 3 whole weeks and it’s been a blast. Didn’t hurt that my birthday was last week and there was lots of celebrating with friends and family!

IMG_0781 1

I didn’t realize how much I put my life on hold when running around the country for work. 

Since being home I’ve started bike commuting to work! Which at first was terrifying. And is now super fun and I can’t imagine not doing it. 

I’ve also gone swimming in the Bay two times and in the pool one time. That’s probably more swimming than I’ve done in the last year. Here’s a fun shot that Coach Rene took of me on a foggy day in Aquatic Park. 


I tried Zumba. And enjoyed it so much I went back again. I really hope to figure out how to move my body more elegantly, but in the meantime I’m just trying to keep up. 

I’ve also managed a couple runs in the forest that I love.

IMG_0799 1

I finally had time to spend a few hours with the vet trying to figure out what is keeping Now Voyager from stepping through with his hind legs. After much poking and prodding and testing we decided to try shots in his hock joints and I’m happy to report that it seems to have helped!


Zinger is doing fine. Sleeping a lot, but then he’s 13 years old so I suppose that’s pretty normal. I celebrated my birthday by taking him to the vet to have a weepy eye checked out. Eye seems to have recovered 🙂


I’m pretty sure Bert is getting used to having me around again. I didn’t realize how much I missed some sort of routine. 

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Adventures in Disneyland

A week ago today (Sunday, July 13) Bert and I ventured to Disneyland with some of my colleagues.

A few observations:

I like It’s a Small World. And Space Mountain. I like that they’ve worked Johnny Depp into the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Matterhorn isn’t wearing its age well. I got a little whiplash from being tossed around in the bobsled.

We got stuck on the Grizzly River Run. Real rafting is more fun.

Take note of what you are getting into before you board a ride. California Screamin is aptly named.






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Home and Happy



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Berlin Day 8

Germany won their World Cup match tonight and the resulting celebration and fireworks made it feel like home. Happy Fourth of July!







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