Posted by: forgingahead | August 9, 2014

July Up and Went

I have been off the road and home for 3 whole weeks and it’s been a blast. Didn’t hurt that my birthday was last week and there was lots of celebrating with friends and family!

IMG_0781 1

I didn’t realize how much I put my life on hold when running around the country for work. 

Since being home I’ve started bike commuting to work! Which at first was terrifying. And is now super fun and I can’t imagine not doing it. 

I’ve also gone swimming in the Bay two times and in the pool one time. That’s probably more swimming than I’ve done in the last year. Here’s a fun shot that Coach Rene took of me on a foggy day in Aquatic Park. 


I tried Zumba. And enjoyed it so much I went back again. I really hope to figure out how to move my body more elegantly, but in the meantime I’m just trying to keep up. 

I’ve also managed a couple runs in the forest that I love.

IMG_0799 1

I finally had time to spend a few hours with the vet trying to figure out what is keeping Now Voyager from stepping through with his hind legs. After much poking and prodding and testing we decided to try shots in his hock joints and I’m happy to report that it seems to have helped!


Zinger is doing fine. Sleeping a lot, but then he’s 13 years old so I suppose that’s pretty normal. I celebrated my birthday by taking him to the vet to have a weepy eye checked out. Eye seems to have recovered 🙂


I’m pretty sure Bert is getting used to having me around again. I didn’t realize how much I missed some sort of routine. 


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