Posted by: forgingahead | June 13, 2014


I ran here on Wednesday morning. It’s a lovely little park with a lovely little lake in the midtown district of Atlanta.

I ran by lots of ducklings paddling furiously after mom across the pond. They were drafting off each other and the poor little guy in the back had to keep doing little bursts of speed to keep up.

I feel a little like that when I’m on site at a program. Lots of swimming along to keep up and then bursts of energy required. It’s a little bit exhausting.

I got to meet fellow red head Anne Quatrano. She’s the owner and chef of Bacchanalia, a fabulous restaurant in Atlanta. That was fun.

Air travel continues to be annoying. We board late, we arrive late, we divert to South Carolina due to thunderstorms and low fuel. Doubling our time sitting on the plane from 4 hours to 8 hours. Am I whining too much?

I’m planning to catch up on sleep this weekend and play with my horse. Then I’m on another plane on Monday. This time to Dallas!



  1. Boy do I get this problem!! Fitting in exercise on the road is tough. Good for you for continuing to do it!!

    I saw that Harriett won her age category 90+ at the rock and roll marathon! What a role model!!

    Keep going Kathleen!

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