Posted by: forgingahead | February 24, 2014

14 weeks to Escape from Alcatraz


Last week I managed one swim in the pool and one spin class. Plus a couple of long walks. Today I got to spin class again. We’re on a roll (pun intended).

Fourteen weeks to the big show and if I don’t get into my training routine this week I’m going to lose a little faith in myself.

Enough whining – lots of good stuff going on!

My grandma turned 90 years young this week and mom organized a fabulous party!

My brother and his wife came to town and we had lots of good chats.

Now Voyager’s new bar pads seem to be providing him relief in his front hooves which I’m just thrilled about!

Last weekend we saw our good friends Erin and David and their adorable kids. We were long overdue for a visit and it was big fun. We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge!

This weekend we connected with my good friend Rachel (Happy Birthday!) and enjoyed some tasty food at the aptly named Tacolicious!

So here’s to the power of positive thinking!




  1. Happy birthday to your Grandmother. I have something going into its 3rd week and my exercise routine has gone kaput also. Hope you are doing better. Love you. Bev

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