Posted by: forgingahead | January 29, 2014

Time Ticks By


Isn’t it ironic that I trained for nine days and am now on my ninth day of rest. Ironic or sad. You pick.

Nothing particular to report. I have the same head cold that seems to be making the rounds and is stubbornly refusing to leave me. Just thankful that it is not the flu. Posting a pic of my forest run trail to remind myself what it looks like.

I miss my horse. I’m too tired to go to the barn in the morning.

However I am going to the office and that’s taking every drop of energy.

One bright spot is a good book. Actually books. I read The Rosie Project this weekend and loved it. Then I started The Goldfinch and am totally hooked. You know a book is good when I look forward to taking the slower public transportation option home so I can read 🙂

Also in the plus column – Mom visited this weekend. We shopped, ate, caught up with Sherlock episodes. Always a good weekend when mom is around. Her knee replacement is super – she walked up and down our stairs no problem and is feeling strong!

And now the weather – RAIN! So they predict. Today and tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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