Posted by: forgingahead | January 22, 2014

Training Interrupted


Training days 10 and 11 were rudely interrupted by a bad head cold. I could feel it coming on yesterday afternoon so I opted out of my planned swim last night.

That was a good call because by the time I got home I was blowing my nose quite a bit. Not a pretty sight.

Today I stayed pretty medicated and work was quite busy so no lunchtime spin class.

I’m hoping that by getting lots of sleep I can kick this thing quickly and get back on training track.

Wish me luck.

The random picture of the sunflower at the top of this post was taken this summer at the barn. An inspirational photo as the flower was growing in the gutter and thriving. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere but my brain is too tired to articulate it.



  1. Get some sleep…. something to do with beauty rising from the dirt….

    Love you!

  2. Boo! Hope you’re better soon.

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