Posted by: forgingahead | January 18, 2014

Alcatraz Training – Day 7


This photo of Now Voyager is a few months (5?) old. It warms my heart to see him striding out pain free. We’ve been having more good days than bad and for that I am thankful.

Yesterday was Day 7 of Alcatraz training and it was a double workout day. I did Antonio’s spin class at lunch and he kicked my butt per usual. And I loved it. I discovered Morgan Page’s music in class – particularly the song “In the Air” featuring the amazing vocals of Angela McCluskey. I’m totally smitten with that song – as well as his songs “Fight for You” and “Longest Road.”

I did my 40 minute swim after work and managed 1,000 meters. I’m loving being back in the pool. And once again I wonder what I allowed to get in the way for so long? In hindsight nothing seems that important.

I decided to make today a rest day and to run in forest tomorrow. And that will be the first full week of training in order to get onto the training schedule I’m following, which starts each week on Monday.

I wanted to share how lovely it is to find kindred spirits in the world. I walk by the valet parking guy at Boulevard restaurant at lunchtime on my way to the gym. We’ve said hello to each other for years. Even when I haven’t been to the gym for months he never fails to smile and say hi. It makes my day every time.


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