Posted by: forgingahead | January 15, 2014

Alcatraz Training – Day 4


Yesterday morning was glorious at the barn. A warm breeze was blowing in from the East and the sunrise was a soft pink. NV was still lame so he walked and I did stretching in the saddle. He’s very tolerant of my twisting and turning and bending 😉

Yesterday I did spin class during lunch. It was with the one instructor who is pretty easy (boring) but that’s ok. It had been 3 weeks since my last class so easing back in was perfect.

Today (Day 5) is going to be a rest day because I have a work program that will preclude any play/training time.

I’ve been using the foam roller on my IT band and its definitely helping manage a pain that’s been lurking in the background. So far I’m inordinately pleased with myself.


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