Posted by: forgingahead | December 23, 2013

A Very Good Day

Yesterday was unseasonably warm in Half Moon Bay. I mention the weather because I am looking for reasons why Now Voyager was magically sound.

We have been struggling with a mystery lameness for nearly a year now. Arthritis is one of the suspected causes and given the coincidence of a warm afternoon and lack of lameness that may be right.

Anyway, my boy was sound and I was happy and all was right in my world. Which made for a very good day!

The night before we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the home of a good friend. There was food, there was drink, there were laughs, there was karaoke. It was a very good night.

However my head was a little sore and my movements were a little slow the next day. But I was so inspired by Now Voyager’s soundness that I pushed myself onto the trail for a little late afternoon run.

This is the setting sun at the end of the run lighting one last hill before dropping into the ocean.

It was a very good day.


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