Posted by: forgingahead | October 15, 2013

Not So Much

I was all proud of myself for training and blogging two weeks in a row. And then three weeks slipped by. Shucks. 

The good news is that for a few of those days in early October Bert and I were soaking up Santa Fe art and food. 

Love Santa Fe. Love the sky. Love the air. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and must have seen at least 75% of the 200 galleries in town. And ate our weight in sopapillas. Yum.  Oh, and purchased a fabulous turquoise ring!

No running – not sure how that would have gone down what with the thin air and all. Probably best I stayed walking. 

I’m started to feel the effects of Dreamforce creep. Six weeks before the big event and somehow my days get away from me what with all the meetings crowding out any time for a run, spin or swim. And so it goes. Talk to me after November 20th. 

I did fit in an evening run last week in San Francisco – the night was still and warm and just begged to be out in. Two miles. I was sore. Would like to blame the asphalt. 

I ran again in Purisima Canyon on Sunday – felt sluggish but in hindsight the pace was ok. Four miles.

At the moment I’m on a plane to Atlanta via Charlotte, N.C.  What a girl won’t do for airline miles and status. The good news is wifi is working and there’s no one in the center seat. Bad news is my 50 minute connecting flight has already been delayed twice (I know this because I’m online). So looks like the Charlotte airport and I will have time to commune. 

I promise photos next time – all these words are boring. Photos of the cat, the horse, the gorgeous trail I sometimes run on.



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