Posted by: forgingahead | September 22, 2013


I’m back 🙂  I know, so soon. And it was a good week. 

Monday was Spin class with Antonio – he’s hard driving and fun and it always takes at least an hour for my body to normalize after his class. 

Tuesday I made my early morning trek to Half Moon Bay. Now Voyager has been struggling a bit this year with mysterious maladies. But he’s coming along nicely now and on Tuesday we had a good ride. Time with my horse is always the best. 

Wednesday I managed to get to Spin class again. Yay! Connie is the antithesis of Antonio – the end result is still a great workout but the path to get there is a little more mellow. Just the thing for a mid-week class.

Thursday at the barn was the first morning in a long time with a real chill in the air. The horses were all a little pumped up from the cold which made the ride even more fun. And yes, the pumpkins are plentiful…come on down and pick one up. 

Friday Bert and I went for a short walk. Nothing notable except we made the time to get it done. 

Saturday the forecast was for rain but we braved a walk in the forest in Purisima Canyon. Without rain gear. Silly kids. We got 2.5 miles in when the first drops started. It was a lot of rain and we got soaked. Thank goodness for a second set of clothes in car! 

Sunday – today – we did our usual 5 mile route through Noe and in and around Glen Park. It’s nice to feel strong enough to knock that out without whining. 

Not too shabby for a week. I didn’t swim or cycle but that’s ok. 



  1. Hey, you’re back!

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