Posted by: forgingahead | September 15, 2013

Signs of the Fall Season

It’s broken record time. I last posted on March 28 after vowing to post monthly this year. Six months later, I’ve finally found my way back.

Between March and June I was on the road pretty much full time.  I managed to make time for a run in most every city I visited. A night time run through Paris was one of my favorites – full moon and the fully lit Eiffel Tower made for magic.

I thought that traveling was keeping me from working out but being home over the Summer didn’t result in any dramatic uptick in activity.

I manage to get to spin class once week – twice if the planets align. I’ve been making time on the weekends for my favorite 4 mile out and back trail run in Purisima Canyon. And Bert and I go for a long walk most weekends.

But no bike riding and no swimming. And general fitness is blah.

On today’s run in the canyon the leaves were changing into their stunning shades of yellow. The smell of Fall in the air got me thinking about Triathlon. Specifically, Escape from Alcatraz.

I raced it in 2011 and deferred in 2012 and 2013. I think 2014 is going to be my year.

I sketched out a training schedule starting now to build a base and ramping in January to prep for the June 1 race.

I found 2 triathlons (both USA Productions, both in Morgan Hill UVAS Reservoir) in April and May I can use to practice transitions.

I’ll start swimming with the Water World Swim folks again on Sundays to acclimate to the SF Bay waters.

It feels good to have a plan. Now let’s see if I stick to it.



  1. Hooray for having a plan. Good luck! Let me know if you want some company on the bike.

  2. I will hopefully see you there 🙂

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