Posted by: forgingahead | March 28, 2013

21 Days Later

Just checking in with myself as I’m on a plane coming home from NY. Inflight wifi has changed my life. Better or worse, not sure.

I was in Phoenix and Boston last week. Maybe writing down where I am will help me feel a bit more grounded.

Let’s see, last time I blogged I decided to target a 10k a trail run on April 13th. Since I’m not running at all these days I’m going to revisit that idea.

I did get out for what we’ll kindly refer to as a walk/jog in Phoenix. The loop took me through the Biltmore Mansions and I must say those were some sad looking mansions. Mostly unoccupied and big. I did enjoy the 70 degree temperatures as the sun was setting.

I was only in Boston for 36 hours so no running there. Plus the snow on the ground would have slowed me down anyway.

NY this week was run-free as well. No time and not near the park. I know, weak excuses.

I’m in DC next week and should have time to explore. I haven’t run there yet and will be staying in Georgetown so I’m looking forward to getting outside.

My new goal is the China Camp Trail Run put on by Inside Racing on May 25th. That’s 8 weeks away. There’s a nice selection of a 5k, 10k or half marathon so depending on how week my training has been I can adjust.

I just went to find a training plan online – this one looks nice and simple. And check it out, tomorrow is a rest day. How convenient.




  1. A rest day is the perfect way to start training. If you decide you’re serious about China Camp, I might register too.

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