Posted by: forgingahead | March 7, 2013

I’m stuck in planning mode

WordPress sent me a lovely “year in review” summary of my blog for 2012. The colors were fabulous, the graphics fun. The data was a little depressing – I only posted 13 times in 2012. I planned to write more, but failed.

Now it’s March 2013. Seriously, who stole January and February? I want them back. Now please.

I was thinking that if I wrote once a week it would give me time to reflect back and plan ahead and maybe, just maybe, that would reduce this spin I’m in just a little.

Since once a week hasn’t happened, how about once a month? Well that ship has sailed – hello March.

I’m going to look back anyway…you’re welcome to come along for the ride. Reflection can be fun!

January – the first two weeks were spent in Maui. That was awesome. My favorite things: the acai bowl at Choice Health in Lahaina; swimming in Napili Bay and floating around with the turtles; running along the ocean in the early morning through the warm soft air; Hana with its amazing bamboo forest, rainbow eucalyptus trees, black sand beach filled with frolicking pit bull puppies, banana nut bread at the fun roadside shacks, breathtaking waterfalls.

Image  ImageImage

Then it was off to Chicago – too cold to go for a run outside but the hotel gym had a view of the lake and an amazing indoor swimming pool. All good.


The last week and half of January is a blur and then I succumbed to the plague. It took 2 weeks to recover and I was thankful it didn’t drag on longer. Sounds like most of you have battled various forms of that fun and I wish you well.

That brings me halfway into February and looking back at the calendar there were some highlights. Maybe I am making time for fun but losing my memory so I forget fun has happened?

After recovering from the ick Bert and I spent a fun 2 days with my mom and her ADORABLE puppy. Sissy is the sweetest dog ever. She is the physical embodiment of love. If anyone is having a dark day, go find a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and let them love you to death.


Later that week we went to the SAP Open and watched a doubles match. It was early rounds and the arena was pretty empty but we tried something new. Indian Wells spoiled us for tennis watching.

Valentine weekend was filled with food ( tasty Vietnamese), hiking Purisima canyon, cycling to the beach on a rare warm SF morning, dining with a good friend at her house, riding Now Voyager, running on trails.

The next weekend we went to Pt. Reyes which is always heaven. L.O.V.E. that place.

And then to NY for 3 days for work. I squeezed in a quick run through Central Park – watching the city dogs playing together in the park makes me smile every time.


See, this is fun. I thought February was a wash but I was wrong.

We’re 7 days into March. I had dinner with a good friend I haven’t seen in a long time and it was great to catch up with her. And then she came in 6th at Escape from Alcatraz! Go Charisa!

I did not race Escape. I deferred last year and again this year. Perhaps 2014 will work out.

Last Saturday Bert and I tackled some Half Moon Bay hills on our bikes. It’s so humbling to do a route you used to be strong on. Alas, fitness starts somewhere, I’m just not sure where.

And that brings me to the title. I’ve been thinking about triathlon – I love it but haven’t been doing it. Mostly because my work schedule does not play nice with cross training in three sports.

I’ve been reading Scott Dunlap’s blog for a few years now and it seems to me those trail runners are always having fun. Working hard, yes, but finding humor in the process. That or Scott has a way of making people smile when he’s taking their picture.

I’m going public with my plan to try trail running. Scott is a fan of this race organizer and they have lots of distances to choose from. So I’m going to start small and do the 10k distance on April 13th – the Woodside Ramble. I like the name. You heard it here first.

Zinger and Now Voyager say hi – as does Jinx the tabby cat at the barn who likes to hang around horses 🙂

Image  Image




  1. Trail running is awesome.

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