Posted by: forgingahead | September 23, 2012

Where My Summer Went

June 26th was my most recent post. Nearly 3 months ago.

And what did I do in those three months?

Work. I worked a lot. And then some more. Dreamforce was a smashing success so the work paid off but still. I’m tired.

Fun stuff? I did some of that too.

July 21 I swam my way from Alcatraz to shore. Thanks to my friend Rachel and the Water World Swim team for making it both possible and fun.

August Bert and I spent a week in Maui. Exactly the downtime I needed to prepare for the final Dreamforce push.

September has been a sustained work sprint and it seemed fitting to celebrate the end with a sprint triathlon.

I read all your blogs and Facebook updates and live vicariously through your triathlon adventures but I’ve missed actually racing.

See Jane Run puts on a nice little sprint on an easy course and it was just the ticket.

October holds a crazy work travel schedule so there may be long periods of silence again. But there is a 10k Pumpkin Run in Half Moon Bay October 14th and my friend Clair, who is training for a marathon, expressed interest in participating. I see pumpkin pie in my future!

And then there’s cycling with Bert. We’ve managed to get out most weekends throughout the summer which has been super fun. And riding Now Voyager, also helps keep me smiley.

Zinger is well and life is good. Hope yours is too.



  1. Dang, I will be half marathoning in SF that day. Why can’t the pumpkin race be the next weekend?

  2. Lovely to read about your comings and goings! Can’t wait to see you and talk in person in a few weeks!

  3. I think it’s more important to live than to blog. If you don’t have time to blog because you are out and doing things, that’s a good thing!

  4. Glad you are doing well!

  5. I tried posting here…twice. You put on Dreamforce? That is amazing!

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