Posted by: forgingahead | June 27, 2012

Training Reboot

I ran home from work yesterday. I’m trying to recall the last time I did that and I’m pretty sure it was about a year ago. My how time flies.

When I was in London recently I noticed all the people running with backpacks and I asked Angelina what was the deal. She said they’re all running home from work. So you can say I was inspired to give it another try.

I wanted to be streamlined though so I left all my clothes, laptop, purse at work and ran home unencumbered by backpack. It was a beautiful evening. Sun shining (love these long days!), warm, light breeze.

The SF Giants were getting ready to battle the LA Dodgers and my run loops around the ballpark. I entertained myself by not running into people clad in orange and black in a dizzying array of costumes. I did get a little energy lift from all the excitement of the fans.

I’m slowly reincorporating bits of training back into my schedule. A bike ride on the weekends, a spin class here, a run there. Planning to take a dip in the Bay on Sunday. Regaining fitness is a slow and humbling process.



  1. I saw people commuting by running when I was living in Australia as well, it was so cool to see. Traveling is so cool that way.

  2. I loved all the run commuters in London!!

  3. I love the idea, but be careful with the backpack. A very fit friend pulled his trying to run daily to and from work with such a pack. And I hope the Giants beat the Dodgers that day.

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