Posted by: forgingahead | June 11, 2012

Home for a while

Since my last post on May 4th in Chicago I’ve been on the road. A lot.


Back to Chicago (because you can never go to Chi-town enough)

New York.

London. (Hi Angelina!)


I’m home now for 6 weeks and looking forward to getting back to some sort of regular training routine. I managed a decent start to that plan by running twice while in Toronto last week.

Toronto in June is a far cry from Toronto in December. I know, stating the obvious. It was lovely to run in the sun along the shores of Lake Ontario.

On day two I ran through a beautiful rain shower. Beautiful for the dark clouds contrasting with blue skies and the glittering sunlight on the water. I love the high of running. Can’t I just do it all the time and skip everything else. Eating. Working. Sleeping.

This weekend Bert and I did a nice bike ride in Half Moon Bay. And on Sunday I went for my now favorite run in Purisima Canyon. My legs were truly tired in spin class today but that’s what I want. Tired legs. And a heart that is getting stronger every day. In muscle and in happiness.

Big Kahuna is in September. I had to forgo Alcatraz this weekend but maybe if I stay on track I can dream about 70.3.


  1. Hi Kathleen: just checking on you to see where/what you are doing. Glad to hear you’re home for a few weeks. Your house is beautiful! I always liked it before but now it is gorgeous. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Give Bert a big hug from me.

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