Posted by: forgingahead | April 11, 2012


That’s me lately when it comes to training for Alcatraz.

I seriously don’t know how I did it last year and if I’m honest I know I was under-trained for that race too. Reality is that I don’t have time anymore to train for three disciplines.

I’m going to think this through by writing this post. I hope I don’t bore anyone.

Swimming. I’ve been in the Bay 2x this year and in the pool once. I signed up for an Alcatraz crossing on May 12th so I’ll know then how I’ll fare on the swim. I feel relatively confident that I can finish the swim.

Cycling. I’m getting to spin class 2x a week and riding my bike on the weekends about 1x a month for 20 miles. I can gut out the hilly 18 mile course but I’ll get passed by a lot of people.

Running. I was running 5 miles 1x a week but then took an unscheduled 5 week break. I ran 3 miles last week at lunch and couldn’t walk down my stairs very well the next day. My quads were quite cross with me. This is the piece of the day that truly scares me.

Alcatraz is in 8 weeks. Can I realistically train enough to have fun in the race? On good days I say yes, but I’m also traveling 5 of the next 6 weeks. What say you?



  1. Hmmm. If it were any other race, I’d say go for it. But do you really want to tackle that run course undertrained?

  2. If you’re going to return to Tillman’s Roadhouse for the Mac and cheese and S’mores, you’d better get there on foot!!! 🙂

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