Posted by: forgingahead | March 7, 2012

The Mind of a Thoroughbred

Now Voyager has a pretty sweet life. A couple of mornings a week I arrive in darkness and give him some grain to take the edge off any lingering hunger from the night.

I spend about 20 minutes grooming him from head to hoof. It’s like a total body massage for him and the circular strokes of the curry are rather hypnotic for me.

By the time he’s saddled up the sky is bright and clear and we both enjoy the quiet as we walk around the arena.

This morning, though, there were chickens. And not in the chicken coop where they belong. Rather just wandering freely dangerously close to the arena.

I say dangerously because NV was not a happy camper. New things in his environment are not his favorite. Especially when they move unexpectedly.

His pretty thoroughbred mind was a bit overloaded.

He got over it though when I offered him a chance to roll in the sand.

That is his favorite!




  1. haha. I didn’t realize horses did that. It’s Springer’s favorite thing to do. Hope you are well!

  2. When I first looked that that photo, I thought maybe he was cowering in fear of the chickens. I didn’t know horses did that either. I hope he enjoyed his sandy romp,

  3. I had no idea horses love to roll in sand. He definitely looks like a happy camper.

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