Posted by: forgingahead | February 15, 2012

Legs and Feet

I was sick for a while and traveling in cities with snow encrusted sidewalks (Seattle) so running was off the schedule for a bit.

Then I did my favorite run in Purissima Canyon and my legs felt springy! This is a new sensation for me while running and it was pretty darn euphoric.

Now my heart and lungs were filing formal complaints with the brain but the legs were not to be stopped.

That run was fun.

A week later (last Saturday) I couldn’t wait to hit the trail again. I laced up my shoes and was off.

Sadly my magic legs were back to normal but I carried on.

And then a sneaky rock appeared right under the ball of my foot, accompanied by a sharp pain at the top of my foot.

Uh oh.

I finished the run and am sort of fine. Except for this darn ache that won’t go away.

I suspect a stress fracture or strain. I hadn’t put my speed laces on my new shoes yet and I think I’d over-cranked my regular laces.

Which gave the tiny bones in my foot no where to go when the shoe got bent by the rock. Are you bored yet?

So treatment? I’m going with rest. Other ideas are heartily welcome.


  1. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon. Rest sounds like a good idea. And maybe some heat on your foot? Even if it doesn’t help your injury, it’ll feel good, right?

  2. Do you have an air boot you can wear to help keep pressure off the foot for a few weeks? Sometimes you can rent them from medical supply shops.

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