Posted by: forgingahead | October 12, 2011

Parisian Street Art

We saw some very cool street art throughout Paris!

It’s a lion. No, it’s a bunny. It’s lionbunny!

I love the colors in this kitty cat. Plus the lounging pose. Classic cat.

I call this one red horse with happy redhead enjoying meringue.

I confess. I’m a cat fan. This one made me giggle.

This isn’t true street art. It’s the window of Repetto, the Parisian ballet shoe company. Don Quixote is the ballet in town and I love the image of him in front of the gorgeous tutu in the window.

I would love to see this at night. I bet the gold looks amazing under the lights.

Parisian store window displays are little works of art. This sculpture was made of some sort of wheat looking materials.

This was the restaurant sign of one the places we ate. Happy wine drinking dude.

We saw this artist’s work throughout the city. This wall near the Pompidou had the largest collection in one place. Dark but fun.

And then there is Zenitude. I really wanted to bring her home with me. She’s solid bronze and adorable. Cost prohibitive though. She stayed in Paris.



  1. You really captured the uniqueness. Made me want to visit there before too long, if only to grab one of those meringue pastries.

  2. Great photos! I feel like I’m there (i wish!)

  3. Fantastic photos! Makes me feel like I am right there!

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