Posted by: forgingahead | October 7, 2011

Horse Time

Now Voyager is doing really well. Call me superstitious but I have to knock on wood when I write that because horse health is a tenuous state.

What with the work event subsuming my life and then vacation time I’ve been missing my horse time.

In Ireland I ran in the countryside a few times and would always stop to talk to the horses in pasture. Sadly, they weren’t impressed. An ear twitch is all they would grant me.

I did get a chance to do a group lesson of four people with Anke back in August. She has such clever ways to keep us all going. Two each on adjoining 20 meter circles doing walk canter transitions.

NV is super smart and once he figured out the routine we had all kinds of fun! Especially when we met Zephyr (a rowdy youngster) at the middle of the figure eight, both cantering and Z swung a little wide. Things got exciting there for a minute as both horses danced sideways but all was well.

Yesterday morning the big riding arenas were closed from rain the day before so I lunged NV. We had the place to ourselves. Clean rain washed early morning air and NV was feeling good. I love watching him move. Extending his stride as he warms up. Shaking his head and neck to work out the kinks. Poetry in motion.

The barn is my favorite place. Whether surrounded by friends or alone with NV it’s all good.


  1. Ah, you make me feel guilty – I really must get back into my dressage lessons, even if I have to “go private” (yikes!).

    (Long story, I’ve lost my riding partner – the neighbor’s stepdaughter – & Z has far more important priorities than taking a riding lesson w/boring ol’ Mom!)

    Don’t know if you’ve been following the news from Auburn, but snow is falling in the mountains, so they’ve re-routed The Ride – makes me very glad I did NOT re-arrange my schedule to try to make it out! Hell, I knew it sounded screwy to reschedule for OCTOBER & I’m not even a Californian!

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