Posted by: forgingahead | September 23, 2011

Urban Animal

I realized after reading my last post that I may have still been under the influence of jet lag.

Let’s see if I can be a bit more coherent this time.

I’m on vacation.

A week in Ireland (mostly the west coast around Galway).

A week in Paris.

I’m 2 days into the Paris portion of the adventure and have reconfirmed that I’m an urban animal.

Ireland is beautiful and I loved seeing my roots and visiting family (my brother-in-law and his family live there).

Paris is another world. Head turning things to see at every step.

My faves so far?

The myriad ways they wear their scarves. Men and women. If you’re not wearing a scarf you feel a little underdressed here.

The gargoyles on the towers of Notre Dame. Saw them up close and personal by climbing a super narrow spiral staircase of 400 steps. Harder than the sand ladder in the Alcatraz triathlon!

Discovering a yummy bakery around the corner owned and operated by a super nice woman. And going there again and again.

Staying in a top floor apartment in an awesome neighborhood (Marais district)and starting to feel just a little like a local. Today we mastered the Metro and crafted dinner by shopping at all the local speciality shops. Yum!

Bottom line is we’re having a great time. Some much needed R&R after my big work event and fabulous memories for a lifetime.


  1. Have fun in Paris!!!!

  2. That explains it!!

  3. Gosh, finally catching up (a little) on blogging and reading those I’ve been neglecting…sounds so fun…I need a vacation.

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