Posted by: forgingahead | September 18, 2011

Rain and Rainbows

I finally get it. The Lucky Charms box with the leprechaun, the rainbow and the pot of gold.

With all the storms moving through Ireland hour by hour the incidence of rainbows is quite high. And they are big rainbows. Really wide and bright.

After 4 days exploring the old country I’m starting to feel just a tiny bit like a local.

The crazy narrow roads don’t scare me quite as much to drive on. But I wouldn’t ride my bike on them. Charisa, however did you do it?

I’m beginning to understand what folks are saying with their lilting Irish brogue.

I know which sites are in which county and the difference between an M road, an N road, an R road and one that is undesignated. Hint: they go from big to small.

Yes, I’m late to the game but I now understand the infinite value of a GPS and I’ll be making that purchase when I get home.

Melatonin is a lifesaver when changing time zones. Seriously minimizes jet lag.

Running down a country road lined with fields of sheep, cows and horses is beautiful and comforting. I haven’t felt alone for a minute with those serene faces watching me go past.

Playing “knights” with a 5 year old boy on the grounds of an ancient castle is all kinds of fun.

Seeing a Neolithic tomb at dusk with no else around is magical. And a little scary for a 5 year old knight. Who needed to be carried back to the car by dad – the real knight.

I live in an amazing city.



  1. Did I miss the move? That’s a long commute otherwise 🙂

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