Posted by: forgingahead | September 6, 2011

Active Recovery

As much as preparing for my big work event was like training for a triathlon, the recovery has been the opposite. And I love it.

Things wrapped up Thursday night and there were smiles and congratulations all around as we celebrated a hugely successful event.

Friday I stayed home and read my book. All. day. long. Didn’t talk to a soul. Barely even said a word to Bert. I was that tapped out.

By the way, The Passage is insanely addictive. And just the place for my tired body and mind to escape to for recovery.

The next three days were heaven. Rode Now Voyager every morning. I love my horse. I love not having to leave my horse. To just let the day go where it wants. I haven’t had that particular luxury in a long time.

Rode my bike one day along the ocean and another day along a reservoir. I’m officially out of cycling shape. A climb that I used to do in 10-12 minutes took 17 very long, very slow minutes. I’m surprised I didn’t fall over I was going that slow. But it still felt great to be on the bike.

One day I put on my running shoes and explored a trail in the woods. The sunlight dancing through the trees was just what I needed to be super happy.

So that’s it. Recovery from a work event is all about getting out and moving around!



  1. Lovely. Doing just what you want is so restful to the spirit. Good for you!

  2. Very poetic…this post.

  3. Congrats on a successful event! I hope you’ve got some more downtime on the horizon.

  4. Love your take on the title. And, I bought that book for my daughter. Glad you found it to be a good read.

  5. Oh, I’ve missed you and your settling spirit! Sounds like your event went well and I’m glad you can take some time to take it easy with NV!
    I’d like to read that book, I need something like that right now!

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