Posted by: forgingahead | August 1, 2011

Birthday Podium

Last time I posted I was waxing poetic about a hard run. I still don’t know what happened but I could barely walk for over a week. And the soreness in my hip flexor appeared to be contagious because it spread to nearly every other joint in my body.

Oh sure, you think some of the pain could have been caused by extreme work stress and too many hours trapped in my chair trying like mad to keep up. And failing. And panicking because failure is not an option.

Geez, you’d think my work is life or death. It’s not. But keeping perspective is sometimes hard.

My birthday was on Saturday and I really wanted to do a triathlon to celebrate. I found one in Pleasanton that fit my wishes:

1. Local
2. Warm
3. Lake swim
4. Sprint
5. Ideally a course I know

USA Productions had added this race to their roster. I like the org and I like Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton.

Though when my alarm went off Sunday morning at 4:30am I had a moment of doubt, overall I’m thrilled that I went.

I made some new friends. Swam super fast in my Zoot prophet wetsuit. And even knocked out the 5 miles when the course was supposed to be only 3.

The best part? I placed third in my division! Third out of 7 souls, only 5 who seem to have finished. But I’ll take it. A good way to start my next trip around the sun.



  1. Happy birthday! And congrats on the podium. That’s awesome!

  2. Great way to celebrate another year of fun mixed in with the manic pace of modern life. Happy Birthday!

  3. Right on for making the podium and I’m sure you got some good schwag knowing USA Productions, how cool is that!?!?!

  4. What a great birthday! Both the triathlon AND the podium. Happy Birthday and enjoy what this next year of your journey brings!

  5. So awesome! What a great way to celebrate!

  6. Congratulations on two accomplishments!

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