Posted by: forgingahead | July 20, 2011

My muscles feel like clay

I’ve been wrestling with that boring summer cold and as a result have not run since my lazy days on the beach in Santa Barbara.

For those of you not hanging on my every update that was two weeks ago.

Yesterday I hit the streets of San Francisco for a run at high noon along the Embarcadero and around AT&T Park – home the world champ SF Giants. This was a new adventure for me. I’ve never run mid-day downtown on a work day before and I have to say it went pretty well.

I forgot my iPod shuffle which meant I was paying rather more attention to how my body was accepting this deep dive back into running.

And here’s what I came up with…a metaphor. My muscles are like clay. They start out unyielding and not wanting to bend to the run. This is when I think I can’t run any further and has it really only been 5 minutes?

Then as the clay warms up it starts to mold itself into a shape that allows easier forward momentum. This is when things get good.

The clay then evolves into mush that causes me to slow down. And walk. It tends to fluctuate between states at this point.

The final state is where my metaphor really falls apart. Extreme soreness the next day. Does clay feel pain? Because I woke up in the night with a cramp in my glute and my quads today are quite cranky.

I’m not complaining, just noticing. Really happy to back to training!



  1. That’s my favorite route. Glad you had a great run! Hooray for feeling better.

  2. I love that metaphor. And I love running along the Embarcadero when I’m in SF. Maybe you can think of the clay hardening those muscles into a thing of beauty

  3. Rodin would agree 😉

  4. Your English teacher would be proud of this post.

  5. Whenever I do a track workout I think of my heart as having to be all stretched out on the first few intervals. It hurts. But then it gets used to it & it’s awesome. Glad you got out to enjoy the day!

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