Posted by: forgingahead | July 10, 2011

Fuzzy headed rambling

I have a head cold. Consider yourself duly cautioned that this post is going to ramble with possible moment of incoherence. Stream of consciousness.

New discovery: My cat Zinger likes tomato soup.

I miss swimming in the Bay. My wetsuit is in the wetsuit hospital for repairs.

The farrier trimmed Now Voyager’s hooves too short and he’s not happy. Neither am I.

Being sick is boring.

The weather in SF is nice during the work week and not on the weekends. Coincidence?

I loved running on the beach in Santa Barbara and sometimes wish I lived in sunny Socal where it’s possible to play outside a lot.

I’ve read three amazing books lately. The Help. The Book Thief. Mink River. I want to find more amazing books. Suggestions?

There have been way too many crashes in the Tour de France this year.

I miss training for a race.

Finally saw Bridesmaids and everyone was right. It’s awesome!

Did I already say that being sick is boring? Well it is.

Hope you are all healthy and having fun playing in the sun. Wish I was there.



  1. Hope you feel better. How did you like The Help. I read it a while ago. Thought it was really good.

  2. Loved Book Thief! A couple more: LIttle Bee and Cutting for Stone. Be well!

  3. Yep….being sick is boring!!! Feel better

  4. You are right – being sick is boring!!! I’m finaly better myself…

    Riding in Sonoma last week was AWESOME!

    Talk soon!


  5. Head colds in July are the worst, get well!!
    I can’t wait to see Bridesmaids, they’re showing it right down the street and I’ve been waiting for a free night…you just pushed me!
    Isn’t that funny…I was just wishing I was in SF today and here you are wanting to be in SC…the grass IS always greener(some days)!

  6. Summer head colds are tough, though in SF is there really a difference between summer and winter?! I loved The Help and The Book Thief too. I just finished “A Visit from the Good Squad” while on vacation and enjoyed it. It’s different from what you’ve been reading, but well done.

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