Posted by: forgingahead | July 4, 2011

It Finally Feels Like Summer

I’m in Santa Barbara where it really feels like summer. Which feels great.

My bones are soaking up the heat. My fair skin, not so much. But that’s what sunscreen and long sleeved-linen tops are for – oh yes, and hats.

Santa Barbara has been in my perfect range these last few days – 68 to 72 degrees with a light ocean breeze.

We went inland yesterday to check out the cute town of Los Olivos – you know, the one featured in the movie Sideways? My mother-in-law remembered it from 20 years ago as an artist community.

It’s still cute but now pretty much every storefront is a wine tasting room. Ah, change.

The other thing about going inland is a 30 degree temperature change. Wow it was hot.

Good excuse to eat ice cream. You know I did!

Happy Fourth of July!



  1. Enjoy the sunshine. And the opportunity for fun sun hats.

  2. Love Santa Barbara, and Los Olivos. Keep using that sunscreen.

  3. Yes it does! I like how you take advantage of the wonderful places that we live nearby, good stuff.

  4. Ice cream!! 🙂

  5. Totally with you there! Amen to summer.

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