Posted by: forgingahead | June 27, 2011

Still Around

Hard to believe that 3 weeks have passed since Alcatraz.

I’ve been spending free time reconnecting with Bert and Now Voyager. Still traveling a bit so my plan to embrace the “do whatever training I feel like whenever the mood strikes” hasn’t quite come to fruition.

I jumped on a plane to Minneapolis the morning after the race. Each day I waited for soreness to descend but it never did! Either I was perfectly prepared or, more likely, I just didn’t push myself all that hard.

New Jersey was my next trip and I must admit Newark did not charm me and I won’t be volunteering to run any more events in that state any time soon.

I went for a run early one warm humid morning and my choices were either circling empty parking lots of huge office parks (yuck) or running down a 4 lane pseudo highway with no shoulder/sidewalk/bike lane.

Luckily I discovered a retirement community that had built a lovely path around the perimeter. My saving grace.

I’ve had some breakthrough moments with Now Voyager. During one ride Anke set us up with a series of transitions and lateral work for the most amazing canter depart.

Beautifully balanced! Giving me a glimpse into what is possible with my fabulous horse.

This weekend we did some work with a visiting trainer from Germany. Caisha is tough and just when I was ready to give up (wasn’t she tired of telling me to flex right?) NV had the most lovely canter to trot transition. Took my breath away!

I’ve been told my whole life that downward transitions are a forward movement but I hadn’t felt it in my soul until then.

I live for those moments.



  1. Glad to see you are still around. 🙂 I’m not blogging much these days, but still keeping tabs on people I follow. Sounds like you hare having a great time with NV and taking some good down time. That’s good for recovery too. 🙂

  2. I vote for you being in great shape to escape the delayed muscle soreness syndrome. (And, I think I’ve been to that same part of Newark!)

  3. Happy to see you are blogging again. So I won’t be visiting New Jersey any time soon, I’m sure. Thanks for the heads up.
    Have to plan to come and see you ride so I can see all the wonderful progress you and NV have made. I also vote for you being in great shape. The more you do the less sore you should be and you have been “doing” for awhile now.

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