Posted by: forgingahead | May 23, 2011

Traveling, Racing, Stressing

Traveling really puts a kink in my schedule. I don’t train well on the road. I don’t write well on the road. About all I do is eat and I don’t do that very well either (at least on the making healthy choices front).

I’ve been gone for two of the last four weeks which is why you’ve heard so little from me.

Quick update:

Doing the Morgan Hill Triathlon with Harriet Anderson was a treat!

She’s so experienced – I picked up some of her smart moves like bringing electrical tape and scissors to the race to secure the number on the bike. And to cover our transition clothes with a plastic bag to keep the rain off.

I wasn’t successful in keeping up with her. While my Zoot wetsuit is the bomb I still struggle with leaky goggles and spend valuable time fussy with them at the start. Rookie move.

I have not been training. That’s the bottom line. And I felt like it. This race was hard. A real slog. Yes I finished. Barely.

I did get to say hi to Kelly Dunleavy as I was finishing my bike and she was walking back to her car. Speedy Kelly!

I’m in Chicago now and with only 12 days left to Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon I’m trying to cram weeks of training into days without incurring injury.

The good news is we spent the weekend in a woodsy Chicago suburb with a friend who is a runner. He shared some pretty single track trails with me. That was heaven.

Plus the pool here at the Peninsula is amazing. So blue and pristine with city views.

At this point I’m feeling like I can finish the swim and will tough out the hills on the bike. I may be walking more of the run than I’d hoped. And I kinda sorta wish this race wasn’t in San Francisco where I’m bound to see people I know. Maybe I’ll wear a big hat and sunglasses as a disguise. Because I could very well come in at the back of the pack.



  1. Looking forward to Alcatraz! I think you will do great!!

  2. I hate to swim (one of the reasons I’m not active in triathlon anymore), but if I saw a pool like that, I’d be in my swimsuit in a jiffy!

  3. Ditto!! I have the same challenges…. I am in St. Louis this week… last week NYC… One day at a time!

  4. Don’t worry about the lack of training, race day magic will happen and it being a hometown race, you will have a blast. I love this race, wish it wasn’t so hard to get into it!

  5. I remember how hard it was to train and travel. You seem to have hit the motherlode of schedules too. The tri was the warmup for Alcatraz, and it sounds like though it may be a tad more difficult, you’ll finish and be proud that you did it despite all those extra obstacles life threw your way.

  6. Wow, I’ve definitely been away from your blog for awhile. Life gets in the way if you let it, it seems. So you are doing a great job of not letting it. It is a struggle sometimes, but you are making it work. I am very proud of you. I loved your description of the Harvard Crew on the Charles. How perfect that was for you. The Universe sometimes rewards us in the most remarkable ways. Love you!


  7. It is so hard to keep it up when traveling. You are a driven woman, though. If anyone can make it happen – it’s YOU! xoxo 🙂

  8. hah, sorry!! I was so cold, I had to go to my car and sit in the heater! it HAILED — that was crazy. this weekend, we should actually have a conversation after the race 😉

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