Posted by: forgingahead | April 26, 2011

Alcatraz Crossing Numero Uno

On Saturday I donned my Zoot Prophet wetsuit and plunged off a boat and into the Bay.

And started swimming. Hard.

Pedro Ordenes of Water World Swim prepped us with a lot of coaching before we even boarded the boat. The currents were strong. Stronger than he’d ever seen them.

Here I am looking much calmer than I was feeling. My legs were actually shaking at this point and I was not cold. Bob was celebrating his 70th birthday and proudly showed me his flippers he intended on using. “It’s not a formal race so I can,” he explained. Age has its benefits.

Coach Pedro had a plan. Put us in the water even further East than usual, thereby giving us enough time to swim towards the shore while being carried quickly West toward the Golden Gate Bridge and still make it to shore near the St. Francis Yacht Club beach.

Check out Coach Joseph’s Garmin reading which I think pretty well mirrors the path I took. What amazes me is how much we were pushed West by the current even though I was swimming hard at a right angle to get out. At least I thought I was.

I wasn’t scared.
I did a pretty good job sighting.
My goggles didn’t leak (I’ve been struggling with this during all my Bay swims)
I didn’t hyperventilate when I hit the water.
I swallowed very little water – really just one wave caught me off guard.
I got a little discouraged about how my position via the GG Bridge didn’t seem to change much. That was the current.
I made it under an hour.
I’m pretty sure I could get on a bike.
I think.

Thank you Zoot for making the most amazing, warm and speedy wetsuit. It’s the perfect wetsuit for swimming in San Francisco Bay.

Thank you Coach Pedro, Coach Rene, Coach Edna, Coach Joseph, Coach Jake and Coach George for making this adventure both possible and successful!



  1. Amazing! Congrats. You rock.

  2. awesome. I’m still pretty sure that swim is to bad ass for me.

  3. Sooooo awesome!! glad it is all coming together!

  4. it’s fun, isn’t it? once you get moving

  5. Way to do all of the prep work, now that’s taking care of business.

  6. YOU are going to rock this race! It’s going to be so fun!!! 🙂 Congrats – you did it!!!

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