Posted by: forgingahead | April 3, 2011

Another Video

You guys are going to think I’ve lost my mind and maybe I have.

Really, my mind has been taken over by work just now. I hope to return to regularly scheduled programming soon.

In the meantime, a quick update and another funny cat video 🙂

Training for Alcatraz – slacking. One run a week. One swim a week. One bike ride a week. And I’m lucky to fit that in. I’m doing my first Alcatraz swim clinic next Friday April 8th with Water World Swim. 37 people attempted the full swim a week ago and only 3 made it shore. The rest were picked up. I heard it was like swimming on a treadmill. The reservoirs had all released major amounts of water that day that wrecked havoc on the Bay.

Now Voyager – after tussling with the fence 3 weeks ago he developed a bad infection in one of his wounds a week ago and has been on antibiotics. The good news is he responded beautifully and we were able to take a lesson from a visiting German dressage trainer. Got our collective butts kicked but it was great.

Fun – I was lucky enough to be invited to a yoga class at the beautiful new Athleta store on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. More about that in a separate post but it was super fun and Harriet Anderson was there!

I’m going to be slammed again this week so please forgive the radio silence. Miss you guys!

And now onto the silliness…


  1. Love the video.

    I’ll be thinking of you on the Alcatraz swim….good luck. You rock. I could never do that!

  2. Nice silly cat video. The other one made me laugh so hard! Keep up on the training! Life can get in the way sometimes…i know too well!

  3. It must be so challenging for you to train when you are so busy, hang in there and thanks for more kitty laughs.

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