Posted by: forgingahead | March 20, 2011

Water World Swim

I’ve joined a team of sorts. Water World Swim is an organization that trains in the San Francisco Bay 1-2 times a week with organized Alcatraz clinics and crossing sprinkled throughout the calendar.

When I started considering doing Escape from Alcatraz it was the swim portion that made me go “hmmmm.”

So I dug around for some training options and stumbled upon Water World Swim. I found some folks who had joined their swims in the past and had good things to say.

The Zoot wetsuit fairy delivered my fabulous Prophet suit and suddenly it was time to go.

Today I did my third swim with the group and each gets a little easier.

Though I still have a feeling of dread the morning of each swim. Right up until the moment I arrive at Aquatic Park and see the smiling faces of the coaches (Pedro, Rene, Jake, George, Edna, Joseph) and my fellow swimmers. Then I’m just having fun.



  1. Nice. When I first started to swim in the ocean I swam weekly with the Waikiki Swim Club. Made such a difference in my confidence. But brrrr… that water looks cold.

  2. I’ve swum with them! Good group and fun. Though Pedro once said he would give anyone who could swim across the current flowing into the harbor and touch such and such a boat in ten minutes $5 and I never got my $5! hah.

  3. You are going to be a total SF bay pro by the time Alcatraz comes along! Awesome for figuring out what you were the most concerned about and tackling it head on and taking on a challenge like that. So many people just would rather not sign up for something that would be mentally challenging like this has been, but you have just taken it apart piece by piece. Awesome!

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