Posted by: forgingahead | March 16, 2011

Out of Sync

Is anyone else struggling with the time change?

It’s too dark in the morning. And disorienting to have the sun still up when I leave work late in the evening. Plus I’m tired for no good reason.

Considering it’s a shift of one small hour I’m amazed at the impact.

Ok, perhaps I’m tired from work. The pace has been a little, shall we say, insane? Yes, that must be it.

I forgive Daylight Savings Time. You were wrongly accused.

Now that it’s finally pitch black outside I can go for my run. I love running in the dark.



  1. I wouldn’t dismiss Daylight Saving Time so fast. I feel a little jetlagged myself this week. Hope you get back in sync soon!

  2. You’re right, it is amazing how one hour can make such a big difference. On the plus side, on Monday night was was feverishly working away and proclaimed at 8:30 that I wasn’t even tired yet. Then I realized it was because it’s only 7:30 to my body and, of course, I shouldn’t be tired yet.

    I need to become addicting to spinning, or something more recreational than channel surfing between Top Chef marathons and Cash Cab. Great to hear the bay swim went so well too.

  3. Daylight savings is just another thing that confuses me in a day! Hope you enjoyed your moonlight run! 🙂


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