Posted by: forgingahead | February 27, 2011

With My Zoot Prophet Wetsuit I’m Unstoppable

Three years ago I rented a wetsuit and tried the sport of triathlon. It was fun. I was hooked.

Two years ago I only did triathlons in warm lakes. Mostly because I didn’t own a wetsuit.

Last year I bought a used wetsuit on CraigsList. I figured as long as it fit well enough I’d be ok. I was wrong.

The first time I used it was in a race. Rookie mistake. The thing felt like I was swimming with a neoprene noose around my neck and I nearly gave up. The second and third time I raced with it weren’t much better. Slow learner.

Zoot Sports figured perhaps I could benefit from one of their aerodynamic, state-of-the art creations. And then the wetsuit fairy delivered this gorgeous Zoot Prophet wetsuit to my doorstep. Disclaimer: this photo is not of me – it’s the official Zoot product shot.

This is the same suit that Charisa swam Alcatraz in last year and she had a great swim!

I took it for a test drive today in Aquatic Park (man that water is C.O.L.D.) and it was perfection! I felt fast, sleek and even warm. This is me in front of Alcatraz today – it doesn’t look so terribly far away, right?

And thank you Zoot from the bottom of my heart. I plan to do you proud at Escape from Alcatraz!


  1. You look cool!

  2. The wetsuit fairy rocks! Hope your swimming is going well.

  3. Zoot rocks!

    I bought a Zoot Tri suit for my first triathlon in 2007. Looks like I’ll be putting it on again for the 2011 Danskin Tri as in a fit of whimsy (and determination), I signed up.

    You look great out there by the way….I admire you! I couldn’t swim those waters, not in this life anyway.


  4. Awesome! You will do well especially in a nice warm wetsuit now. You are going to do great. Keep training and you are well on your way!!

  5. Nice! Not only are you going to be faster, you’re going to look damn good doing it.

  6. Great pictures; actually looks like you are having fun:-)
    Keep the faith on the weather and remember that daylight savings is coming to save you. It starts at midnight, Sat., March 12th!!!!!!

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