Posted by: forgingahead | February 8, 2011

Running Challenged

I’ve been avoiding running.


Could be the shin splints. Which, by the way, are improving thanks to your suggestions (new shoes, calf stretches).

But I think there’s something more. I usually crave getting out and moving.

I suspect it’s because my swimming and cycling are stronger right now. I’m rewarded for doing those things because I already feel strong when I start.

The last few times I’ve hit my run I’ve felt heavy and slow. There is zero magic going on.

I know that I have to run more to reach that magic place. I’m just feeling a wee bit discouraged right now. I’ll get it back. Less writing, more running.


  1. It’s tricky when you are in that stage because it usually takes a good 3 weeks of consistent running to start to feel more springy. Not just one or two runs. Hang in there and be consistent and you will find your groove again.

  2. Hang in there, it’ll come. Glad your shin splints are feeling better!

  3. Oh, no! Don’t stop running! It’s hard to get back to it for a week or two…but then you’ll be back. Find the magic place again!

  4. Just a few steps out the door to start. simple 🙂

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