Posted by: forgingahead | February 7, 2011

The Opposite

This weekend was the exact opposite of my “Cold and Dark” post. Hot and sunny all weekend long. Gloriously warm days and nights. I was beside myself wanting to do it all, now, outside. And I was fairly successful.

Bert and I have turned a 25 mile bike ride from our house to a coffeehouse in Sausalito into our “go-to” ride. Thanks to hilly SF we still get about 2,000 feet of climbing to keep our legs lively.

By “go-to” ride I mean one of the few rides we can start from our front door. We don’t have to think about which turns to make. If we lose each other we have usual spots where we reconnect. The turnaround point is a fabulous coffeehouse with so many choices on offer we have to exercise serious restraint.

We could potentially get burned out if the scenery wasn’t gorgeous. On stormy days crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is exciting. On sunny days it’s distracting. It is never boring.

I’ve become a little infatuated with staring at Alcatraz from all the vantage points of this ride. The best view is from the bridge where I can very clearly see the route I’ll be swimming. But I can also see if from Fort Baker, and from the hill above Sausalito. And from waterfront. I’m working on seeing it as a fun place. Not a scary one. Easier to visual on sunny days.



  1. Wonderful imagery! I could visualize it! Great storytelling!

  2. I love the Golden Gate – magnificent!

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