Posted by: forgingahead | February 1, 2011

Learning about my heart

I finally purchased a heart rate monitor after 3 years of training for races. And today I wore it for the first time in spin class. And scared myself.

Who knew my heart did all that work? My rate hovered between 132 at the low end when we were just working away up to 158 when I thought I would die.

Since this was the first time I obviously still have a lot to learn but I was pretty fascinated to be able to see into my heart.

And I also noticed that once I spiked 158 and started feeling a little dizzy that the next time the numbers started getting near there I backed off the pressure.

Can’t wait to continue to learn. And as with most things that I noodle around with for too long I’m wondering why I waited!

For anyone wanting a simple, inexpensive way to dip your toe into the heart rate monitor pool I highly recommend the Timex T5G941 which is a Consumer Reports “Best Buy.” I paid $35 at Amazon.

As always, any suggestions you guys are warmly welcome.


  1. I used to use a heart rate monitor, but I have no interest in being competitive any more, so I rarely even check my time, let alone my heart rate. I’m just out there for the fund.

    When will you be in Houston?

  2. Don’t become obsessed with the numbers, I’m too OCD to wear a heartrate monitor. The Garmin is all I can handle.

  3. Seriously, the book Heart Rate Training for Complete Idiots, is our best friend. It really helped me sort things out for using the HRM for running. It’s also really funny and a fast, easy, helpful read. If you lived closer, you could borrow it! Do you want me to send it to you for a few weeks??
    Have fun with your new toy. I was “into” too much at first but that passed after a week or two. Now it’s just helpful.
    Let me know if you’d like to read the book! It’s worth it!

  4. That is cheap…I remember paying like $125 for my polar pacer. Used to wear it in spinning class and kickboxing. I think you work harder when you wear it just cuz you want to “wow’ yourself:-)

  5. that is a great price! i have recently just started a running routine and have thought about getting a hr monitor — or a step counter.

  6. This looks like a nice model; is there a chest strap you have to wear or is it all done with the watch on the wrist?

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