Posted by: forgingahead | January 20, 2011

Shin Splints

I have them. Do you?

I need to go read this article and this article but I’d also love to hear from you.

What am I doing wrong?

These things haunted me throughout my crew years in college – made running miserable.

And now they’ve returned.




  1. Kinesio tape might help. It’s not sold through normal drugstores, so I get it on Amazon, where they have taping manuals as well. I use the stuff on all my injuries.

  2. Since I splurged for my fancy wedge o’plastic Achilles stretcher, I haven’t had shin splints…
    Of course I always used to inflict em on myself by charging out too fast & pushing too hard!

  3. That’s the worst! Calf and achillies stretches, and icing your shins should all help. And assessing your shoes and orthotics. Maybe it’s time for a new pair?

  4. I’ve had them before. OUCH! Take care of them or they could turn into stress fractures. Stretch the calf. ice the shin. Walk around on your heels and spell the alphabet out with your foot a couple times a day.

  5. The only time I get shin splints is when my shoes are too old, and need to be replaced.

  6. Old shoes? New shoes? You have some history of pf don’t you? Check out the book trigger point therapy to find out where the referal points are for shin splits. (check out this page: Also make sure that you don’t have any triggerpoints in your calves. That will exacerbate it too.

  7. Hey — I hate shin splints! I have them ALL the time, IF I don’t rotate shoes. I have three pairs of current running shoes at all times, and I rotate. It doesn’t matter if they’re the exact same model, it still totally works for me. I’m not real scientific about it, I just try to remember not to run in the same pair I wore last time. If I travel and only bring one pair, it only takes me 3 days to be all shin splinty again, and 1-2 weeks to end up with a fracture.

    Hope that helps you!

    And Pt. Reyes… oh you are so lucky. Sounds gorgeous!

  8. Libby (libby bergman) just added her “ask a pt” section. You could be the first to ask a question! 🙂

    Mine come on when I up my mileage too quickly or need new shoes. No fun…I hope you are feeling better!

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