Posted by: forgingahead | January 18, 2011

Swim Fitness

Really the one thing that has me totally spooked about Alcatraz is the swim. But I have a plan. For me, planning is key to lowering stress.

Part one of my plan is to get back into swim shape. Good plan, right?

New Year’s Day was my first time in the pool for months. My swim fitness slipped away so quietly.

In the crazy days of Fall gearing up for my big event I simply stopped swimming. I would still run a day or two a week and a bike ride on the weekend was always a treat I looked forward to but it seems I was avoiding the pool.

Here’s my plan:
Jan 1 – Feb 14 Get back to swimming a mile without drowning.
Feb 15 – join Pedro at Aquatic Park once a week to swim in the Bay
March 11th – do an Alcatraz clinic with Pedro to get a handle on the finer points of surviving a swim in the Bay.
March 26th and April 23rd – these are the Alcatraz crossings with Pedro that fit my training schedule. I figure if I actually do the swim a couple times before the race I’ll be ok. [Note: I forgot I’m out of town at a very important birthday celebration on March 26th so April 23rd will have to be my one big swim]

Right now I’d be happy feeling a little stronger in the pool.



  1. Sounds like a good plan. Consistency is the key to swimming (like just about everything else!)

  2. Ditto Mags.

  3. And if you do the swim a couple of times…race day you will think “no big deal”! Great plan.

  4. Great plan. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Pedro. Let me know if you want a lap lane partner.

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