Posted by: forgingahead | January 5, 2011

A Little Green Bike Path

The weather up here in Sonoma County has been, shall we say, inconsistent. Rain here. Cold there. When the sun came out there was wind.

We braved Highway 12 on our bikes early one foggy morning. Probably not the smartest move and we dove off that and onto Arnold Drive as soon as possible. That was a better route but still a little bit of a dance with the passing cars.

There was a nice bike path in Sonoma. One mile out of 35 felt comfortably safe.

Once we made it to Sonoma we took refuge in a bakery with pastries and coffee and warmed up a while. The ride back was sunny and nice. We took a little side jog onto Warm Springs Road in order to avoid Highway 12 a bit more, which was nice.

My Sonoma County friends had warned me that cycling on this side of the valley is tough. And they’re right.

Since I really wanted to get back on my bike one more time I did a little research and found a short but sweet bike path. No cars.

The Prince Memorial Greenway runs alongside Santa Rosa Creek. It’s about 8 miles long and only crosses one road (the rest you can choose to drop underneath).

The day we went it was a chilly 45 degrees at noon so there were few people out. It was nice having the path to ourselves.

There’s a posted 15mph speed limit for cyclists but since the path was empty, the day cold and the ride short we booked along at 23 mph. Fast for me. And fun! Let the triathlon training begin.



  1. Sounds like a fun ride and a fun way to start off triathlon training!!

  2. What a great, chilly ride! Where will you do your swim training?

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