Posted by: forgingahead | December 10, 2010

I Survived

My event is complete and people are happy. Which makes me happy.

That they are happy. And that it is over.

My feet, knees and hips are happy too. Standing around on concrete floors is a particular kind of pain.

I think my half IM was easier in some ways. How funny is that?

Highlights of my week included Neil Young, Stevie Wonder and will.i.a.m

And no, I don’t work in the music industry 🙂

So now I can decorate my house with festive holiday colors, bake some holiday cookies and get into the spirit of the season!

And ride my newly healed horse.

And start doing my run/bike/swim thing again. Hey, guess what Kiet? I entered the lottery for Alcatraz. Thanks for the push in that direction.

I’m listening to KFOG – the best radio station. And they just said “forging ahead!” How funny.

My brain is still tired. Can you tell? Time to go commune with Now Voyager. Be well all.



  1. You met Neil Young? That is awesome. I’m so glad your event was successful!

  2. Stevie Wonder? What a neat privilege! Your events sound tiring but fun at the same time!
    I love the snow falling on your blog, it’s so relaxing.

  3. Enjoy the Season! You deserve to kick back a bit and relax.

  4. Ha, ha. No, not shy. I was just in awe.

  5. Ha ha ha, sorry for my late response, somehow I thought this was way old post by the title. So my pics of the sand ladder inspired you huh? My thinks you are going to get a slot so you’ll get to, whoa, your blog page is snowing!

  6. alcatraz is awesome! hopw you do it.

  7. Yeah for Christmas season and time to enjoy it 🙂 Glad your event is over and you can kick back a little bit!

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